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Jim Forde

Bedsores Do Not Just Happen to “The Elderly”

It is a common misconception that decubitus ulcers (bedsores, pressure wounds) only happen to people of advanced age that are bedridden for extremely long periods of time. While factors like age,…

Matthew Zullo

Nursing home abuse can happen to anyone and be inflicted by anyone.

In Minnesota, two teenage girls who worked as aids in a nursing home have been charged with abuse. No one would expect that these two young and popular women would taunt, spit on, and grope the…

Matthew Zullo

Nursing homes: Holiday visits, be aware of signs of neglect and abuse.

The holiday season is the time of year when families come together and visit loved ones. The holidays are the peak visiting season for families visiting residents of nursing homes and long term care…

Staff Writer

Delaying Until Death

Imagine your mother falling Ill and needing home care. Many years earlier she purchased a long-term care insurance policy and faithfully paid the premium. She never wanted to put the burden of her…

Matthew Zullo

Hidden cameras used to stop nursing home abuse and neglect.

New York Attorney General Andrea Cuomo has begun using hidden cameras in nursing homes to stop the criminal abuse and neglect of residences. This program has already had success in uncovering…