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No parent would let their child play with a can of drain opener.

But the impact that more "ordinary" household cleaners, sanitizers and other substances can have on the metabolism of small children should NEVER be overlooked. The reasons are simple and various:

– Underdeveloped immune systems in children

– Smaller concentrations of toxins have greater effect on their smaller body mass

– They tend to put EVERYTHING in their mouths and noses—from their fingers to toys, clothing, baby wipes, etc.

– Direct contact with carpet and upholstery, leading to exposure to cleaning fluids

– More exposure to caustic/abrasive bathroom cleaners used in tubs/bathrooms

One recent observation I have made is that many types of cleaning products are now made in "disposable wipe" form—-like furniture wipes, bleach-containing cloths, Armor All, hand sanitizer—-you name it. I guarantee you a toddler will not discriminate between an "Anti-Dust Formula Pledge Wipe with Allergen Trappers and the Natural Beauty of Lemon" and one of their own baby wipes if the polishing wipe is carelessly left hanging around. Of course, while it is probably not a good idea for a toddler to put either one in their mouth, I’m not sure what an "Allergen Trapper" really is, and I am reasonably certain that the beautiful ‘lemon scent" is anything but natural. So take care how these seemingly harmless household products are used where small children will be present.

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