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To help parents with the purchase of toys that are not only fun to play with but are safe for use, the nonprofit organization World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc. (WATCH) has issued its list of 9 toys that it considers dangerous enough that parents should exercise caution when allowing their kids to play with them.

Inflatable Giga Ball: Watch notes that this inflatable ball that kids can crawl into, tumble around, and bounce in could cause potential impact and serious injuries.

Sportsman Shotgun: This toy is made by Parris Manufacturing Co. and comes with rubber bullets that could cause eye injuries.

Animal Alley Purse Pet: WATCH is concerned that the hair on these, dolls made by Geoffrey Inc./Toys ‘R’ Us, can easily be removed and swallowed by kids, potentially causing aspiration and ingestion injuries.

Go Go Minis Pullback Vehicle: Made by Kid Galaxy Inc., WATCH is concerned that the toy truck’s back tires might come off and pose a choking hazard.

Spider-Man Adjustable Toy Skates: While Street Flyers LLC recommends that kids use knee pads, elbow pads, helmets, and wrist guards to prevent impact injuries, only the pads come with the skates.

Walk’n Sounds Digger the Dog: The toy’s dog leash is 2 inches longer than the toy industry 12-inch limit and may cause strangulation or entanglement injuries. This product is made by Hasbro/Playskool.

Pucci Puppies – My Own Puppy House Golden Retriever: This Battat Inc. toy comes with small parts that can pose a choking hazards to kids.

Meadow Mystery Play-A-Sound Book With a Cuddly Pooh: The Disney Pooh’s mask could pose a choking hazard to children if removed.

Extreme Spiral Copters: This slingshot-like toy can potentially cause eye injuries. Made by Toysmith Group.

Despite effort to remove dangerous and defective toys from the marketplace, many hazardous toys continue to be available for purchase. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are still many toys available on store shelves that place children at risk for sustaining:

– Choking Injuries

– Aspiration Injuries

– Burn Injuries

– Impact Injuries

– Strangulation

– Impalement

– Lacerations

– Puncture Wounds

– Lead Exposure-Related Injuries

– Magnet-Related Internal Injuries

– Death

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